Books have always been a huge part of my life.  I memorized the Jabberwocky in fourth grade. I fell in love with Narnia, then Mr. Tumnus broke my heart.  I wanted to live on Klickitat Street - I would have totally appreciated Henry Huggins. Judy Blume ushered me through training bras and first kisses.  Now I’m a mom to two kids and I still love reading. I read kids books, YA, literary fiction, trashy fiction and “Help I’m Still a Mommy” books and I want to share my favorites with you and your family.

This collection of books, a bibliography if you will, are the books and stories that have made me the person I am.  These are the books that have shaped my childhood and adulthood, made me the mom I am and have shaped my children’s childhoods, and these books I escape into so I can survive all that.

Come along with me, there are so many wonderful things to read.

Jessica Cadorine


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