Come with Neil Gaiman on a creepy journey with a brave girl, and a wise cat, (because, as you know cats know who they are and therefore don't need names).  For fans of Narnia and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Coraline is an updated journey through a secret door into a world, both familiar and strange. 

Coraline Jones has just moved into her new home with her mother and father.  Set far from town, their home is in an old house that has been broken up into several flats.  Below Coraline's flat are Miss Forcible and Miss Spink, aged actresses who now read tea leaves, and live with their Scottish Terriers, Angus, Hamish and Bruce.  In the flat above is the old man who is training a mouse circus with mice who refuse to play the right music and suffer stage fright. Directly across the way from Coraline's flat is the empty flat, where no one lives.  With a few weeks to go before school starts and her parents too busy working to entertain her,  Corline is at loose ends, bored. 
With no one but a black cat who seems to belong to no one, Coraline finds a door.  A door to no where, with a big black key that keeps it locked.  A door to nothing except a brick wall.  Or is it?

Parents Notes

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Gaiman is a deliciously creepy author and sometimes a little scary, this is a thrilling introduction into the land of fairytale and fantasy.  Intended for children around 9 years old and up.

Published 2002 by Harper Collins Publisher
Text by Neil Gaiman
Illustrations by Dave McKean
pp. 162
Long Way Down

Long Way Down